Stepping towards NFV

Ensuring Agility and Flexibility

Network Function Virtualization

We at BeyondM have taken the initiative to implement the concept of NFV within telco network operators by primarily focusing on server virtualization leading towards Network Function Virtualization. In line with industry standards for this latest technology, BeyondM ensures world class server virtualization features with

  • Our experience with open stack private cloud setup
  • Open daylight and Open Stack integration to achieve NFV capabilities
  • RHEV expertise
  • High Availability system architecture design expertise
  • Highly optimized enterprise level telco platform deployment expertise


This initiative is aimed at explicitly reducing the hardware, power and space requirements to deploy network functions by creating a virtual resource pool which telcos can utilize. With this groundbreaking new dynamism the whole telco network will be virtualized, thus making resource management easy.

NFV reduces the need for dedicated hardware to deploy and manage networks by offloading network functions into software that can run on industry standard hardware that can be managed anywhere with the operator’s network.

This operation efficiency brings out key benefits for the network operator such as,

  • Reduced space for network hardware.
  • Reduced network power consumption
  • Reduced network maintenance costs
  • Simultaneous network upgrades
  • Network efficiency