What is bulk SMS ?

For those new to Mobile Marketing you may wonder ‘what is bulk SMS’? .

SMS stands for Short Message Service. This is a text message sent from one mobile device to another. Bulk SMS is therefore sending a SMS to a large number of recipients at once. Bulk SMS is a considerably cheaper method of mass communication than more traditional forms of marketing such as advertising or email marketing.

Bulk SMS can be used by business owners, community groups, marketing agencies or anyone wishing to communicate with a large group of people. You can use bulk SMS to send reminders, update customers, send promotional offers or incentives, run competitions, offer customers coupons, confirm bookings or confirmations. The uses for Bulk SMS are endless!

A defining characteristic of bulk SMS messaging is that businesses and organizations can make use of one or more solutions to send and receive SMS messages, namely; a mobile phone application, a software programme, a web interface, or integrate an SMS API with their website or system. These bulk SMS messaging solutions interface with a service providers’ SMS gateway to ensure the delivery of messages to mobile phone numbers anywhere in the world.

SMS has proved to be one of the most effective marketing and sales tools. Bulk SMS has open rates of 98% and messages are read by the recipient within 5 minutes. No other marketing tool can offer such efficiency rate, making SMS marketing the most convenient way to deliver your business message to your customers and prospects.

Before commencing with the sending bulk SMS messages it is important to note that you must comply with the regulations specific to your country and the country to which you are sending SMS messages.