Why Choose BMP

Personalized Message ID

No one will pay attention to a message from an unknown number. So it is important your bulk SMS to go with a name that your recipients will recognize when they see the SMS.

We have offered you a chance to use your company name or any preffered name as the sender.

Versatile Contact Manager

Contacts are one of the most important thing for you. Do you know or are you experiencing the difficulties of single contact upload ?

You will never face the hassle of uploading contacts one by one with BMP platform. Choose BMP and enjoy the luxury of bulk contact uploading along with the fully featured contact manager

Web and API support

You are not restricted only to use the web interface for message sending. We have provided a fully featured developer API to integrate with the system

Create an API account using the web interface and start using the API for message sending.

Scheduled Campaigns

Do not worry about forgetting to send messages on time. Now you can schedule your messages with our scheduled campaigns.

Create a scheduled campaign and set the time to send the message. You can attend to your other business matters and the BMP will take care of your campaign. Messages will be sent without any delay, on time.

BMP Messaging Platform

SMS has emerged as a key marketing tool for businesses to increase their customer reach. With the development in technology and the increase in mobile device popularity, bulk SMS marketing is going to be a stronger marketing tool. BMP SMS platform is a powerful communication system that enables you to manage your business communication more effectively. With our platfrom your business can now connect with customers in every corner of the country. Our bulk SMS platform allows you to send thousands of messages in a shorter period, increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns and decreasing the time and effort spent in contacting your customers. We have been helping major businesses in the country and with us your data is protected and securely stored. With our simple and intuitive user interfaces, you can perform any operation efficiently. We offer you a rich web interface including Role based access control, Comprehensive real-time reporting and SMS message delivery reports.


Simple WEB UI
Lowest Rates
Instant SMS Delivery
SMPP Connectivity
24/7 Support