We Make

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Who we are and What we do

Founded in 1997, BeyondM is a part of hSenid Software International with the aim of supplying high quality software products and services to customers globally. The other subsidiaries of the group specialize in Human Resource Applications and Telco Digital service systems.

We gained recognition across Asia, Asia Pacific, Africa, Australia and USA as a partner of choice for the supply of secure, convenient and cost effective Software solutions. We are expertise in technologies like J2EE, PHP to deliver high end, fully fledge software applications on demand. Also we are specialized in Telco domains and backend integrations with a comprehensive knowledge of latest practices.

Our Values


We believe everyone should contribute to provide the best quality solutions that make our clients technologically advanced to stand out


Everyone at BeyondM is trained to be accountable for their actions delivering a highly responsible experience for the clients

Personal Growth

We encourage each individual to strive personal growth in order to overcome challenges to progress their careers with confidence


We measure, track and improve what is important to contribute to reach our goals with deeper level of learning, order, and excellence


We have the privilege of working with some of the globally recognized companies. We work both diligently and intelligently to ensure that the needs of our clients come first.