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Extensive Enterprise Solutions

BeyondM focuses on the delivery of large enterprise Java solutions for customers globally. We utilize capabilities of modern Java technology frameworks to provide the foundation for the next generation of multi tier enterprise application development.

Seamless Backend Integration

BeyondM provides core integration capabilities for your existing or new systems to build cost effective solutions with international standards and practices. We help you achieve seamless integrated systems overcoming complex protocol barriers.

Telco-Grade Messaging Solutions

BeyondM delivers high end, Telco grade solutions enabling businesses to integrate with core telco assets. We utilize our expertise in SMS, USSD, LBS and IVR domains to guarantee high performance and value creation for telcos and businesses.

Accelerate Business Growth with our Domain Experts


We have the privilege of working with some of the globally recognized companies. We work both diligently and intelligently to ensure that the needs of our clients come first.

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